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Verruca Freeze 162mL
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Manufacturer: CryoSurgery, Inc.

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Verruca Freeze® is one of the coldest portable cryosurgical systems available. A 3-6 second spray of cryogen, freezing for 20-30 seconds, makes it a quick, easy and effective form of cryosurgery. With 2 forms of application- disposable CryoBuds® and reusable CryoCones®, Verruca Freeze® is the clear choice for all your cryosurgical needs.rnThe cryogen in Verruca Freeze® is a combination of refrigerated gases, making it safe, CFC free and non-flammable, which eliminates all HAZMAT fees associated with shipping. The Verruca Freeze® cryogenic system has a minimum shelf life of 5 years from the time it is first used, so evaporation and leakage are not an isssue.

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