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Povidone-Iodine Swabsticks, 10%, Sterile
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Manufacturer: Aplicare
Item#: APCS-3101

3/Pack 25/Pack/Box 10Box/Case
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Product Description

Aplicare Saturated Swabsticks are packaged in easy open, single-use foil-laminated pouches. Each packet contains a fully saturated 4" swabstick. We have taken the extra step of terminally sterilizing the contents of each package, thus ensuring the safest possible product for the patient. These swabsticks are conveniently packaged 10 boxes of 50 single swabsticks per case. Sterile Skin Protectant Swabsticks prepare the skin for improved adhesion of a dressing or bandage. When dry, it leaves a thin film on the skin surface. This provides a clean surface and a barrier to the natural body oils that can affect the adhesion of a dressing or tape. The transparency of this product allows observation of the skin. Skin Protectant enhances adhesiveness of tapes while reducing irritation caused by repeated dressing changes. Skin Protectant is easily removed with soap and water.

Additional Information

Item Number APCS-3101
Packaging 3/Pack 25/Pack/Box 10Box/Case

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